In the year 1272 the prior general of the Augustinians instructed some friars to set up a small community in Racciano, Italy, and build a church and a convent with the money from the sale of some property. By 1279 this had not yet been accomplished. The parish priest in San Gimignano suggested that the new church and convent should be built inside the city walls of San Gimignano. After the proper place within the walls was determined, the Augustinians approached the bishop of Volterra who approved of their decision on July 26, 1280. Construction of the church began that same year. The city of San Gimignano contributed 10 measures of slaked lime and 20,000 bricks towards the construction of the church. Others, including San Bartolo, generously donated money.

On March 31, 1298, both the church and convent were consecrated by Cardinal Matteo d’Acquasparta, the Apostolic Legat to Tuscany. He was assisted by bishop Raniero of Volterra and bishop Tommaso of Pistoria.

The original cloister was open air with only two walls. The cloister as we know it today was enclosed by the other two walls sometime in the mid 1400’s. The church also has a tower which houses a bell that was made in 1241.